Helping you is the basis of our teaching method.  Classes are designed with a systematic progression so your abilities develop over time.

See our class descriptions.  Classes are focused on yoga for flexibility, strength, and balance.

Beginners Yoga

This is a beginner level class that focuses on foundational work of Iyengar Yoga.  Classes will consist of standing poses, that include lateral, forward bends and twisting poses to build strength, balance and improved flexibility.  Seated and abdominal poses will also be taught.  Clear, detailed instruction with focus on proper form and function will help you build a safe, fun and nurturing practice.  You will be taught modifications for injuries so you understand how the poses work best for you according to your needs.  To learn more about Beginner classes CLICK HERE.


Level 1

This class continues to build on the basics of Iyengar Yoga to develop strength and improve flexibility and will begin to prepare for shoulder stand.  Offering clear demonstrations and progression of the poses so you understand every step of the way.  Modifications are offered for issues and injuries so you know how to work in the poses based on your conditions.


Level 1-2

This Iyengar Yoga class will teach the basic actions in standing poses, abdominals, forward and backward extensions, twists as well as headstand, shoulder stand and breathing exercises.  Prior yoga experience is suggested.


All Levels

This class is suitable for beginners and intermediate students where you will build strength and improve flexibility. It includes basic actions for standing poses, forward and back bending poses.  Modifications will be given as necessary for those new to yoga, injuries, or certain medical conditions.


Back Care / Gentle

Gentle yoga classes are good for beginners, older students, and those desiring a slower paced class.  Includes restorative poses as well as supported active poses.  This is a good class for you if you have back pain, injuries, or specific individual needs.


Back Care + Scoliosis

This weekly class is for all types of back conditions including scoliosis.  Sequences will be taught to include poses intended to lengthen and strengthen the spinal muscles and alleviate back pain.  (Note: new students with scoliosis are encouraged to have a private yoga session prior to attending this class. Contact Cristina at to schedule.)


Chair Yoga for Healthy Aging

Great for active older adults who want to build strength and improve balance, coordination and posture.  In this class participants practice poses seated in a chair or standing with the assistance of a chair.  This is a slower paced class that is appropriate for beginners and encourages students to work within their own abilities and limitations.  To learn more about Chair Yoga classes CLICK HERE.


Relax + Restore – Restorative Yoga

This monthly class celebrates the art of deep relaxation.  Through supported poses, restorative yoga helps to sooth the nervous system and alleviate chronic tension.  We will prepare the body with specific poses to open up the breath and move into a relaxed state.  Basic breath work (pranayama) will be introduced to deepen the meditative practice.  To learn more about Restorative Yoga classes CLICK HERE.


Yoga Rope Wall

The rope wall is an invaluable tool to the yoga student.  They work by using gravity as a natural form of resistance causing the body to open much further than in regular yoga practice.  In this class we will use the rope wall to help build greater body awareness and gain understanding of our unique postural patterns.   Utilizing the rope wall will also develop strength and stability, while encouraging safe expansion of the yoga postures.  This class is not suitable for beginners.  LEARN MORE