Yoga for a Healthy Spine woman-doing-yoga-urdhva-mukha-savanasana-with-help-of-chair

Spinal health is essential to overall wellness and healthy aging.  A spine that can flex, twist, and extend maximizes energy and breath and prevents back pain.  Good posture is intimately related to good function, which is the basis of a healthy, supple, and strong spine.

This specialized class will include a series of poses intended to lengthen and strengthen the spinal muscles, alleviate back pain, and support a healthy spine.  It is appropriate for those who are new to yoga, new to working with back issues through yoga or those who prefer to move at a slower pace.  Suitable for all levels of students and individuals with injuries, muscle strain and back conditions such as herniations and scoliosis.

Monthly Healthy Spine class  •  Saturdays @ 2:30

April 22, 2023
May 27, 2023
Sept 16, 2023


cristina-roy-certified-iyengar-yoga-teacherAbout the Instructor

Cristina Roy has had a lifelong passion for helping people, with particular interest in the therapeutic effects of yoga.  Cristina is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and is drawn to its emphasis on detail, precision and alignment. She aims to share her understanding and enthusiasm with students so they can experience the many benefits yoga can offer.