Monthly Restorative Yoga

Woman laying on yoga mat, relaxed, with eye bag over eyes

Restorative yoga is one type of practice we can use to experience the healing or therapeutic benefits of yoga.

More and more people today are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed.  Through supported poses, restorative yoga helps to sooth the nervous system and alleviate chronic tension. It is an excellent opportunity to disconnect from the activity of daily life and to slow down the pace.  Find a quiet room, gather all your props and get ready for a calm, relaxing start to your day.

1st Friday of every month – Starts January 2021

Fridays @ 9:30am

What is needed for restorative yoga?

To achieve comfort, a variety of props such as blankets, blocks bolsters, a chair and eye pillows may be used. Many common household items can be used such as pillows, couch cushions and ottomans. Alternatives are given to assist each person into the ideal supported position.

Open to ALL LEVELS of students.

This class will be held virtually. Live online classes are offered with you, the teacher and other students connecting virtually in real time. We will be using a free video conferencing software that can be accessed through any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  Read to learn how to prepare for online class. LEARN MORE

About the Instructor

Cristina Roy, Instructor Cristina Roy has had a lifelong passion for helping people, with particular interest in the therapeutic effects of yoga for people with back conditions.  Her dedication to helping people living in pain due to their back issues mirrors her own journey, of finding relief from scoliosis thanks to yoga. Cristina is a dedicated practitioner of Iyengar Yoga and is drawn to its emphasis on detail, precision and alignment. She aims to share her understanding and enthusiasm with students so they can experience the many benefits yoga can offer.