Welcome to Back2Health Yoga!

New students entering Back2Health Yoga Wappingers FallsYour journey towards physical health, emotional well-being, mental stability, and peace of mind!

It is here that you will develop a strong, uplifting yoga practice.  We offer in-person classes at our studio in Wappingers Falls conveniently located off 9D.



Introductory Offers



Enjoy 3 weeks of unlimited yoga classes







For beginner students that want more personal attention before jumping into a group class.

$135 includes:

2 Private yoga sessions

2 Beginners group classes



New Student FAQs – Yoga for Back Pain Beginners and Beyond

What should I expect?

In each class you’ll be guided through a sequence of postures, learning to stretch, strengthen and balance, with attention and awareness. Beginner classes introduce standing poses, forward bends and seated poses to build strength, balance and improved flexibility.  In Level 1 and 1/2 inversions are introduced along with back extensions and twists. The teacher will give clear instructions and demonstrations to deepen your understanding of the pose, the practice and yourself. No two classes are the same. The variation in the content of the class is based on the level and condition of the students, the time of day, the season and many other factors.


What should I bring?

All props are provided at the studio.  They are not sanitized after each class so if you prefer you can bring your own mat and props.  It is recommended that you wear shorts or leggings and a t-shirt for class.  Something that you can move freely in.  Come with an open mind and a willingness to learn.


How should I prepare for practice?

Arrive 10-15 minutes early for in-person classes to allow time to get situated. Set up your mat and props and settle in a few minutes early to create a quiet, inward focus. Keep all personal belongings including cell phones and water bottles outside of the classroom and put your cell phone on silent or leave at home or in your car. Come to class on an empty stomach. Please refrain from wearing any strong scents or perfumes to in-person classes.


How do I start?

There are limited spots available so pre-registration is required at least one hour before class start time.  Entrance to the studio is the side entrance.

For your convenience, download the Acuity app.  Then create an account to sign up and keep track of your classes and purchases.  You can also sign up directly online.

  1. Download the Acuity app at either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. From the app home screen, tap +
  3. Under the Business Scheduling URL type b2hyoga.as.me/group-classes
  4. Tap Add Business
  5. Create an account by entering your email and password