Preparing for Iyengar Yoga Online Class

Live online classes are offered with you, the teacher and other students connecting virtually in real time. We will be using a free video conferencing software that can be accessed through any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  Please be sure to download in advance of the class.

All classes are taught in a way to welcome students of all levels and with limited props. Weekly classes are donation based so only pay what you can. I understand many people are experiencing financial burden and I don’t want that to prevent anyone from participating.  Everyone is welcome.

Iyengar Yoga online


To sign-up for a class or workshop, please visit Class Schedules page.

  • Select and register for the class that you would like to attend.
  • Students must pre-register for weekly classes at least 30 minutes in advance.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with information for logging into the class. This email will include a link that will automatically open the Zoom app if you have it downloaded on your computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Instructor will start the video conference about 15 minutes before the stated class time so that you can discuss positioning, questions, etc. before class starts.

Props Needed

We will be using minimal props but recommend that you buy the following props to make your home practice as beneficial as it can be. I understand that some of you may not have all of the props you will need so I’ve also listed alternatives here in case you do not have them.

  • Yoga mat
  • 2–4 yoga blocks (cork or foam). (Alternatives: stacks of books, small storage containers, small waste basket)
  • Yoga belt/strap (6’ to 10’ long). (Alternatives: a regular pants belt, robe belt, exercise rubber band)
  • 3-4 Mexican style blankets with no pattern in the weave. (Alternatives: large bath or beach towels, quilts or firm blankets that can be folded evenly)
  • Backless Yoga Chair. (Alternatives: a regular chair, stool, or coffee table)

Tips for Online Classes

Here are some tips for making your online class experience the best it can be!

  • Download the free application in advance of the class and test video and microphone settings.
  • Have your computer, tablet, or phone placed 8–10 feet away from you at waist level or higher, so that we can see as much of your body as possible. This allows for the instructor to see you clearly and recommend adjustments as needed.
  • Your yoga mat should be up against a wall.
  • If your space is quiet, feel free to keep your mic unmuted. If there is a lot of background noise, however, it would be best if you mute your mic unless you have a question, to make it easier for everyone to hear the teacher.

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