Simple alternative for a yoga wall at home

July 6, 2020

One of the key principles when modifying a yoga practice for scoliosis is to lengthen the spine, and the rope wall is a terrific tool to accomplish this.

The rope wall uses gravity as a natural form of resistance, causing the body to open up much further than in a regular yoga practice.  They are a wonderful teaching tool as they help you feel the intent of the pose with great clarity, while keeping your body safe and supported.  The ropes stretch the entire muscular-skeletal body, relieves tension from the joints and can alleviate spinal and pelvic tension.  It can also be helpful for those with herniations as it relieves pressure from compressed vertebral discs.

Not everyone has a room to spare in their home to build this apparatus as it requires a blank, available wall where you would place hooks into the supporting beams.  However, there are some simple ways you can utilize a door to achieve something similar.  All you need are two 8-12 foot yoga straps and a secure closing door.

two straps to do yoga with

To make the straps characteristic to the top ropes of a yoga wall you’ll need to make a loop of equal length with each strap. 

two ropes attached to door two ropes on door to create simple alternative to yoga rope wall at home

Place the buckles of the strap at the top of the door so they hang over and close the door.  Ensure the door is closed securely shut and pull on the straps to confirm they are in place.  It is best to use a door that closes in towards the space you are using as it provides added support.

doing yoga with two ropes on door

The ropes are now ready for use!


Back2Health Yoga is in no way responsible for how you use your props.  Straps are intended for the safe practice of yoga poses on a yoga wall or a door that is solidly built and can withstand this sort of use. If you have never used the rope wall, you should receive instruction from a qualified teacher in your area.