Yoga for Scoliosis

Yoga has become an effective alternative to improve posture and relieve chronic pain associated with scoliosis.

Yoga teacher working with student with scoliosis

If you’re dealing with scoliosis, you may be looking for ways to find relief and improve your overall mobility and function.  Yoga for Scoliosis is a growing specialty that provides a holistic approach to ease structural imbalances caused by curves in the spine. Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine, with a rotation of the vertebrae that causes head to toe imbalances.  When working with scoliosis it is important to understand the pattern of the curves and where they are located.  The curvature is oftentimes either one curve, creating a “C” shape, or two curves, creating an “S” shape.

In a general yoga class, poses are performed the same on each side.  However, for individuals with scoliosis, the poses need to be performed differently on each side, depending on the pattern and location of the curves.  For this reason, it is best to work with a yoga instructor who knows how to modify the poses for scoliosis.

Cristina Roy is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher specializing in Yoga for Scoliosis.  She helps individuals alleviate pain and ease structural imbalances.  Cristina will guide you through yoga sequences that will slowly coax your body into a more symmetrical alignment.  You will experience improved posture and alignment by lengthening and strengthening the muscles in the back, hips, and shoulders. This can help to reduce the curvature of the spine and prevent further progression of scoliosis.

Private yoga sessions are ideal for individuals with scoliosis and allow for a customized yoga experience in a safe and supportive environment.  Cristina Roy offers private yoga sessions in her studio in Wappingers Falls.


Back of teenage girl showing BEFORE picture of scoliosis


Yoga for scoliosis


How Yoga for Scoliosis Helps

Yoga for scoliosis attends to structural and muscular imbalances and has been shown to be an effective way to manage scoliosis.  By practicing yoga regularly, you can improve your posture, increase your flexibility and strength, and reduce stress and tension in your body.  Some specific ways that yoga can help with scoliosis are:

  • Improved posture – Yoga can help improve posture and alignment by stretching muscles that have tightened and strengthening muscles that have grown weak.  This can help to reduce the curvature of the spine and prevent further progression of scoliosis.
  • Increased flexibility – Yoga can help increase flexibility in the muscles and connective tissues around the spine and reduce stiffness and discomfort in the back.
  • Strengthens your core – Yoga postures that engage the abdominal muscles can help to strengthen your core and provide greater support for the spine.

It is important to work with a teacher who is knowledgeable in proper alignment and understands how to modify poses for those with spinal imbalances.  Trained in Yoga for Back Care and Scoliosis, Cristina Roy offers programs to help individuals alleviate pain and ease structural imbalances.

Developing a consistent yoga practice can be empowering and brings hope that you CAN do something to improve your condition and quality of life.


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